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Andrea's Story

I am the proud mother of three children, each of whom have had their share of accomplishments but, more than that, have grown to be responsible, caring, supportive adults.


As is the case with all children, they have also had their share of challenges along the way. In the case of our son, Bradley, his challenges were more profound and longer lasting. He suffered from depression and anxiety. On December 13, 2017, Bradley died from complications resulting from multiple psychiatric medications.


After experiencing this tragedy, I had a choice—to give up, retreating into my grief or turn that grief into action by helping others dealing with mental health issues. I chose the latter and this website provides insight into ways I—and you—can help those who suffer find resilience and meaning.

The Sonnenberg family honor Bradley Sonnenberg's legacy by commemorating his passion for the arts and literature and in recognition of his struggles with mental health.

They have established the Bradley Sonnenberg Legacy Fund to promote mental wellness work, have created an annual scholarship for a deserving high school student in the arts, have developed the Bradley Sonnenberg Wellness Initiative at USC Hillel and are supporting student literacy through the Bradley Sonnenberg Remote Reading Program. 


As a mother, lawyer, educator and now mental health advocate, Andrea’s son’s death has inspired her to work to improve the system that is failing so many.


She works on increasing awareness of mental health and influencing policy and decision makers to positively affect those suffering has become her mission.


Andrea shares her family’s story in a virtual or live presentation that highlights the challenges of mental illness and what society is doing and can do to address this epidemic.


She also hosts a podcast, “Getting Thru,” that highlights stories of resilience and success in overcoming challenges through in-depth conversations with young adults.

Bradley Sonnenberg

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