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Meet the Team

At Getting Thru Together, our dedicated team shares a profound passion for mental health, united by a common goal to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities alike.

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Andrea Sonnenberg

Founder and Podcast Host

Andrea is a lawyer, mental health advocate, author, and philanthropist. As the founder of a literacy program that serves students and families in need, she is committed to the power of books and education. Andrea hosts a podcast on the mental health journeys of young adults and has created a wellness curriculum for high school and college students. She is a frequent speaker on mental health awareness and destigmatization. Andrea currently is pursuing a certificate in narrative medicine at Columbia University, reflecting her commitment to the healing power of listening and storytelling. In her spare time, Andrea sings at her synagogue and anywhere else she can attract an audience, a pursuit that keeps her connected to her late son, himself an accomplished singer.

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Vanessa Reed

Project Manager

Vanessa is a passionate mental health and education advocate dedicated to helping children and teens. Prior to joining the Getting Thru team, she founded a much needed nonprofit school for students with learning differences, providing a safe space for those unique and special students to thrive. Vanessa is the proud mother of an amazing son and daughter.  And no matter what she is doing, you'll most likely find her sidekick Chewie by her side. 

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Tatiana Broukhim

Educational Consultant

Tatiana Broukhim is a teacher at Wise School in Los Angeles. She received her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Integrated Educational Studies from Chapman University, followed by her masters and credentials in Education from the University of Southern California. Upon graduation, Tatiana also received a certificate in Gifted and Talented Education. Tatiana's love for education is inspired by her late grandfather, who was an educator for over 50 years. 

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Melanie Handelsman, LMFT

Consulting Psychologist

Melanie Handelsman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist dedicated to eradicating the stigma and shame surrounding mental health issues. She has a private practice in the heart of Los Angeles, welcoming individuals, couples and families seeking guidance, healing, and emotional support. Melanie also volunteers at the Southern California Counseling Center, extending her reach to marginalized, under-resourced communities.

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Micah Smith

Podcast Engineer

Our engineer, Micah, works out of his studio in Century City. He has always been fascinated by music and audio, and runs an electronic music brand in his spare time. In addition to his creative pursuits, Micah loves to stay active and starts most days in the pool. He hopes to someday own at least one kitten.

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Hannah Beal

Podcast Audio Producer

Hannah Beal is a freelance audio producer based in New York’s Hudson Valley. She used to be a farmer who listened to radio for fun, now she makes radio and grows food for fun. While her favorite story format is podcasts, she makes an exception for television almost every night. If she's not making audio, you’ll probably find her on a walk in the woods or planning her next trip to the beach.

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Rishelle Maman, LCSW


Rishelle Maman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works as a school counselor at Wise School and a psychotherapist in private practice. Rishelle loves teaching coping skills and mindfulness techniques to students and enjoys helping children and families strengthen their communication and resilience. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from U.C. Berkeley and her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California. When she is not working, Rishelle spends her time with her husband, three boys, and golden retriever who keep her grounded and grateful.

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