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Wellness Programming

The core program is built around ten wellness concepts, introduced weekly throughout the course, that support critical conversations around mental health. Moving between the individual and the relational, the curriculum inspires those who struggle with and support those struggling with mental health conditions to take an intentional, informed, and holistic approach to mental health management and offers first steps toward doing this through guided discussion, activities, role-playing, and journaling. Plus an introduction to tools for the improvement of daily habits.

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Covered Wellness Concepts

  • structure 

  • self-compassion

  • identity

  • self-soothing

  • connection

  • communication

  • boundaries

  • gratitude

  • mindfulness

  • fun

Tools for Improvement of Daily Habits

  • sleep hygiene

  • personal safety

  • eating

  • meditation


The program is currently being utilized on college campuses across the country. It has the potential for application in a variety of group settings such as high schools, community centers, special interest groups, and religious institutions, etc., meeting people in spaces where they feel comfortable as they are taught to maintain and enhance their own well-being through connection, exploration, and purpose.


Contact us to inquire about the use of this curriculum in your school, club, or other organization.

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