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Narrative Medicine Workshop

At Getting Thru Together we are all about creating a community of compassion, understanding and support through shared stories.


A field of study known as Narrative Medicine recognizes the importance of storytelling to improve health outcomes. It draws on the study of art and literature to enhance our listening and observation skills to see others as a whole person, rather than just a list of symptoms, diagnosis or label.


Data tells us that oxytocin gets triggered when we hear a story- increasing our empathy and promoting humanism. Allowing people to share their life experience wholly and uninterrupted – and learning from others who have been through the same thing––breaks down barriers. Storytelling opens a different part of the brain and touches a deeper place in the heart so it can play a transformational role in combatting stigma and achieving better results by enabling us to really get to know others as people, beyond any outward stereotypes or identities.


Contact us to inquire about setting up a Narrative Medicine Workshop for your school, workplace, or other organization to make an impact by helping others “Getting Thru Together.”

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