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What People Are Saying...

"I think the podcasts are excellent. I listened to Asia’s interview last night and it was so compelling that I just listened to it again. Her animated voice as she responded to Andrea’s insightful questions brought grit, depth and dimension to her story. I can only imagine how much preparation, time and energy is put into each recording. It really shows. The finished result is polished and professional, with a beautiful human touch. Best of all, I believe these will be inspirational and comforting to many young people who are in distress."

"I 've listened to the podcast in its entirety. It was at times heartbreaking, really informative and very uplifting. I applaud “Liz” for her openness and bravery. She’s super relatable too. This is incredibly worthwhile and eye opening for the community."

"Thank you for lifting the veil and digging deep into the important and challenging world of mental health. Even the trailer has nuggets of information and inspiration: “You have made it through 100% of your bad days” and “Success is not about achievement, it’s about fulfillment.” Resilience is my word of the day."

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