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The Life Advice Library' is an Instagram live series hosted by Andrea Sonnenberg. Join us live from the Sonnenberg library for conversations and golden nuggets of wisdom from a diverse mix of inspiring guests. 

Episode 1: Olivia Einbund Licensed Therapist

Episode 2: Ella Katz
Journalism Student

Episode 3:  Sophie Pollack
Sexual Assault Advocate

Episode 4: Jenny De Los Santos
Mental Health Advocate

Episode 5:  Audrey Peters
Social Media Influencer

Episode 6:  Kevin Nahai
Life Coach

Episode 7: Tori Lynn Leibovic
DBT Advocate

Episode 8: Ellie Stern
Clinician and  Therapist 


Episode 9: Joseph Shamash

Episode 10: Tamu Lewis
Founder of the LTY Foundation


Episode 11: Natalie Bettendorf
On My Mind Foundation


Episode 12: Raghu Appasani


Episode 13: Anna Ceoana

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